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Deny The Black Rhino Hunt Permit

Just been told that the Black Rhino is officially extinct. So it seems rather late to start a campaign to save them . But what we must do is save all of the other wild animals that face extinction due to human intervention. Humans, not only slaughter innocent creatures for money and pleasure, ivory and their skins, but we take their habitat. Develop it for manufacturing, so called. Locals take a little bit of land to grow crops. Because we the western world have shown them how. Developers want to take more and more jungle. Trees mown down, without regulation or reason. Always somehow greed comes into it. Please help me to campaign against any more slaughter. Let us help preserve what we have, enjoy the beautiful animals in their own habitat, keep the jungles alive and thriving. Please help me to prevent what suffering we can. Only by speaking out will we be heard. The Black Rhino Hunt is still happening, even the smallest of babies will be killed. FOR FUN, by the rich and famous. Lets get together and stop it now. Join me.

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