Tara Manning

Hi, welcome to my cause. I am a mother,I have one beautiful little girl,she has autism,but I know we are the lucky ones. You see so many children have terminal onditions,my child will be okay.As a mom I feel pure heartache not only for all these children i ve grown to love with all my heart. I also see the love ,pain,helpless but fearless moms n dads fighting to save their child/childrens lives. My reason for doing this is simple,I feel in my.own heart God has shown me what i ve searched for most if my life,his purpose in this life for me, this is my hearts desire. I want to help these kids,parents,families spend less time fighting for basic medical equipment they need to live and be able to go outside,ride in a handicap van without risking them falling tryen to be picked up by parents who sometimes are smaller than their own child. Duchenne Muscular dystrophy is terminal,painful an a long slow loss of every muscle in the body, if with your help we can raise funds to help these amazing get those medical devices needeed daily,well thats what I get out of this,pure joy to know together we made a real difference in these kids n parents lives. This is my life mission,I wont give up,yes I l even beg,all that matters is giving these kids the best quailty of life in the time left. I pray you all will step up and lets do this. Thank you, Tara Rinebold