Paul V Cassidy

I'm an Irish peace and ecological activist who has practiced Yoga since my teenage years. I've now merged my Yoga practice with Christian devotion in a freestyle prayer routine I call Lotuscross. That in itself is refocusing my thoughts onto Far Eastern and Oriental wisdom traditions. I also merge my prayer and activist life with cycling and gardening. I took part in the London to Jerusalem Peacecycle and have become a practicing Guerrilla Gardener - more 'Gorilla', in my case. It seems to me activists are going to have to make a lifestyle of their activism and in doing so spawning new patterns and cultures of resistance because the powers ain't just going to roll over. This new media offers us a chance to shape the conversation about the news and the world we live into something more sincere, less corrupt and corrupting. It's good to be part of this new conversational media which gives expression to some sense of global citizenship. God willing in participating in this new cyber-conversation we are in some sense writing a global constitution for tomorrows world, a world where the only superpower will be people-power. I'm also an aspiring micro-publicist so checkout my Branchout Page for more on that: