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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

I have worked in the commodities business for many years now and Africa is the most difficult country to work with. With all the fraud, human killings, thievery not to mention the underprivileged people of the country. This sport may even be attributed to frustration and not necessarily sport although it is sighted as the main cause for killing intelligent animals that are mothers and fathers to their young. If you look into the eyes of these animals, you will see the love they have for their family and the sorrow for any member's death. If people want a sport in Africa, they should put their energy towards making the whole Continent a better, more loving place to live. A place where tourists can go anywhere without fear of themselves being hunted or taken advantage of. If some parts of Africa welcomes visitors with open arms and security from misfits than that should be the aim for the all of Africa. The Presidents of all the communities, should get together in one big conference to address these issues and to make the country proud of them for doing what is right and just. The more time that passes by with no officials doing anything to change these conditions, the worse Africa's economy and it's ecological environment will be. The governments should consider putting their time, energy and resources to promote their citizen's endeavors to making a better living in the fields of gold mining, diamond mining, oil and other areas in the commodities arena. This will not only help their populous but would increase the investments into their communities. Maybe if people were solicited to put their time to more profitable use, they wouldn't be so bored and stop killing live creatures that also have a right to be content and exist as a family should.

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