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I am a Muslim and Palestine belongs to Muslims. When they face bullets, I cry. When they are torn into pieces, I cry. Why is it so? There is a spiritual connection between us. We are all divided by regions and unfortunately by sects, but one Quran, one Prophet Muhammad PBUH and one source of his personal words, "sahah satta (6 authentic ahadees books)" telling about his sunnah and his teachings, are the reason we all bleed green. Today Palestine is facing harms by Israelis and Syrians and Iraqis are also facing harms due to this Israel. If we have to restore humanity on the Earth, we have to distinguish good people from bad ones and we have to either correct bad people or we will have to kill them all. I, as a Muslim also invite my Non-Muslim friends to join us because remember, we are only against bad people and we believe Zionism is bad but Judaism isn't. So We want your support to get united for restoring humanity and eliminating Zionism from this Earth. If you find a Zionist around you, please convert him to Judaism faith so that he may not condemn himself on the day of judgement. He should not be accused of having a stone heart. He should not be blamed for what he has never thought of doing. All respected Christians are requested to stop disliking us. We are not bad and not extremists. Yes extremists exist in every religion and we are against the idea of extremism and at the same time liberalism. We differ in faiths but we all are humans. Discussion among people with valid hatred-free arguments and logics can definitely unite us all as humans rather than causing sectarian and regional wars. We need to eradicate the Illuminati element from the world which is actually a havoc for the entire World we all live in.

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