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Elizabeth Allen

Organizing, mobilizing, educating citizens since the Civil Rights movement, through the Vietnam War. Burned the contract on America in Rodney Square, wilmington Delaware home to corporate america. One of 5 parents who established the Autism Program in Delaware. Fight against: the death penalty, for prison reform, for single payer health care, for campaign finance, for marriage equality, for ending the Fed, for ending all the wars, for an end to corporate personhood. I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Am native american who believes my country has been occupied since 1492.

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Elizabeth Allen

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Stop The Trans Pacific Partnership

The TPP is globalists, elitist dream come true. Corporations will have right to avoid the Constitution and provide carte blanche ability to pillage and plunder the planet for the benefit of a few zealots and witch doctors. There will be no middle class left. The guts of our economy will be sent to any country in the world whose people will be forced to live on slave wages. These multinational globalists have written this "partnership" in secret, out of view of the Congress, and the American people. The told us NAFTA treaty was going to be a boon for American workers, instead our jobs went to Mexico and China and elsewhere. It was the beginning of the hollowing out of middle class, turning everyone into working poor and destitute. This is a worldwide struggle. If this horrible, anti constitutional violation of rights of all American citizens, is not struggled against, our children and grand children will never forgive us. This is the 1% coming with a "partnership" our representatives )also part of the 1% will sign, with or without our consent. We are being hoodwinked, bamboozled...and regardless of party...the people must stand together. In my opinion this TPP deal is the selling of the United States to multi national corporations, making our democracy null and void, our Consitution a piece of history and irrelevant to the present. This is the time for all good men/women to come to the aid of the country. What's your opinion.

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