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Canada It's Time To Get Tough On Animal Cruelty!

I have never done this before, I feel that it is time to Speak up for those who have no VOICE! I am inspired by my friend's who have shared with me their experience in taking a stand an being accountable. I am owned by two wonderful Pit Bull terriers, I just lost a family member Juelz is missing /stolen! My journey began Jan 20 2014. I logged on to Facebook and asked for Help, since I then I have been a part of a Huge dog and cat family. People who are Helping them to live, find homes for shelter pet's who for various reasons were brought to animal control. I have been searching for JUELZ since day one of her missing. I became inspired by the lack of punishment for animal abuse, fighting dog's for sport, abandonment, starvation, and down right out Murder of innocence. Please share this information! Join Me and let's HELP SAVE LIVES!

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