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Stop Elephant And Rhino Poaching In Africa

These hearless poachers and the syndicates that they are working for are destroying our African heritage and will cause a major loss in tourism which will bring Africa's economics into total disarray. Apart from that, the human race is no longer humane, how can poachers kill these innocent animals in such a heartless way just for greed! Animals have feelings too and are much more sensitive than what we are! Have you heard the cries from the Rhino orphans that do not understand why their moms are not moving and loving them as mom has been doing since their birth! It is heart wrenching to witness this! A good example is little Gertjie in South Africa who had to be tranquilised to get him away from his mother's side and the stress he had to go through before he could get used to his new surroundings and to be able to understand why he had to drink from a bottle given to him by his human surrogate mothers! Imagine your young children having to endure something like that......can you imagine this, I doubt it?!! Elephants are very intilligent and gentle animals who go through exactly the same! They are very social animals and when mom and dad have been poached these young orphans are lost and extremely sad to such an extent that they refuse to eat or drink due to their sadness! We just lost one of these beautiful young souls and I wonder how many more are out there suffering so badly! PLEASE, PLEASE let us all be the voice for the voiceless and put an end to this tragedy as soon as possible! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and for taking the action which is needed to put an end to poaching!!

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