Gia Gilberti Routhier

I am a Missionary to India and serve the children who live on the streets of Chennai. My passion is for the poorest of poor, the dalits, also known as the "untouchables", the ones that are so dirty they blend into the street. for the children who are forced into prostitution, the wife beaten by her spouse into submission, scarred and trapped in society's" claws" these are the people I've been called to serve. The beggers who mar and drug their own children to use them as a pawn for rupee's that are worth less the a penny. This is my heart. Jesus bless their hearts And the people asked him, "what shall we do then, He answered and said to them, he who has two coats, give to him who has none, and he who has food, let him do likewise" Luke 3:10-11 Bottles for India and Church of Abundant Life (COAL) in Braintree, MA has partnered with House of Prayer, Chennai, India as they work to help the poor and the homeless in their community. Many of the kids at HOP are orphaned and abandoned. Some are homeless and living on the pavement, while others live in small tents on the open ground. The children are surrounded by disease, drugs, alcohol and prostitution. House of Prayer provides free medical clinics, hot meals, food, clothing, and clean water for these underprivileged children and their families, in addition to meeting their spiritual needs through Sunday Worship, Sunday School, Youth Groups and Vacation Bible School. Pastor M. Sanjeeviraj works beside brothers & sisters who not only bless the people and share the gospel, but lead by example, Praise the Lord!