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Markia McCullough

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Make The Penalties Stricter And Universal Statewide For Child Abusers

My family has been at Strong Hospital in Rochester NY for several days after receiving a call that my niece 1- year old Nykira Hall was in the hospital after being beaten by her father Nikey Hall and his girl friend Ashely Walker Matthews. On November 3,2014 Nykira Hall turned 1 years old my family and I went to visit her at the fathers house she had bruises on both sides of her face , ribs , and forehead. We immediately called Rochester Police Department 7 times that night and waited 4 hours they never showed until early morning.We followed that call with a call to Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services and the family court judge ordered the child back to the father, with out calling any other family,assigning the child a law guardian or investigating the case. Baby Nykira is now in intensive care unit ,non-responsive with brain damage . The mother whom is Chelsey Blue is away an left the child in the care of her sister and family . The father came and took the child from the mothers family in efforts to avoid child support get revenge on the mom. Nykira has been living with the father and his girlfriend who share a child the same age as Nykira for two months and now she's in Strong fighting for her life . The father family claims Nikey Hall and girl friend Ashely Walker Matthew recently took a life insurance policy out on baby Nykira . Nikey has been very out spoken about not wanting the baby, wishing the baby would die, and stating that the mother should have never had the baby. The father Nikey Hall and his girlfriend Ashely continues to state that the baby fell down stairs while playing with kids and bumped her head to death! However, the dad Nikey Hall and Ashely Walker sent the 1 year old baby in ambulance alone while they stayed home to get there story together to give the hospital. Nikey Hall birth mother Tina and sister Iynida says that they witness the abuse going on for the last two months but never called authorities out of fear for there life, instead they tried to keep the baby away from him as much as possible. Nikey Hall family states that he has anger,mental health issues, and was born with drugs in his system. Nikey sister says she has had a order of protection against him for about 3 year for punching her tooth out. Family claims that Nikey has been abusive with every female that he has dated. Ashely Walker who lives in the house with Nikey Hall , her 3 children and Nykira Hall has sent text messages to Nikeys Hall sister stating how much she hates the baby , hates the baby mother and detail on how she puts medicine in the baby's food. The family has also witness Ashely Walker Matthews telling her baby who's also 1years old, to hit, punch and slap baby Nykira and the adult sit and laugh. Nikey Hall or Ashely Walker Matthews never called there family or the child's family to tell any one that the baby had been hurt. The child went in the ambulance by herself to the hospital. Several people has witness the child being abused the court ,cps or police did nothing about it. The child is in intensive care Nikey Hall or Ashely Walker Matthews as not been back to the hospital to see the baby but instead has asked for police protective custody because they fear for their life! Still they continue to say that they have done nothing wrong, and they are blaming the children for the baby falling down two flights of stairs. Despite how others may feel about Nykira Hall or her mother, she has had continuos family around the clock at the hospital praying for her to recover. The hospital will only let two of the mothers family member visit , along with Nikey Hall and Ashely Walker Matthews who has not been to the hospital to utilize their visits. Although other family member has not been allowed behind secure door we have still showed up in number to support Baby Nykira and praying that the authorizes give her justice.

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