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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

As a retired USAF MSgt, I am appalled that the legislators have the "GALL" to even suggest cutting any of the rights that we veterans have. Especially since most of the ones currently serving weather it be republican or democrat, either found a way to avoid the draft, and "NEVER" volunteered for serving in this God Awful, mess the Bush/Cheney administration caused. My father and brother were both Army soldiers and served proudly. If anything the representatives that we elect should be doing their best to make our and our family's lives better. WTF! The benefits and rights have been diminishing, instead of getting better. PLEASE READ, and do what you think is best for those who served, and gave lives for our rights and freedoms. Thanks for your responses. MSgt Coker, USAF, Retired, 913th Air Wing PA

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