Lori Birdsong

COMPANY OVERVIEW Linens for Animals began when Lori Birdsong, entrepreneur & animal philanthropist and world-renowned animal chiropractor Dr. Mark Bussan, D.C., C.V.C.P. - moved to Texas to purchase land and make a home for our 7 personal dogs. Forever in search of ways to benefit animals of all kinds, we discovered the need for linens and the lack of funding to acquire them. Our only purpose is to provide comfort to animals in need. With our status as a Certified Domestic Non-Profit Texas Corporation, we have been able to obtain and donate over Two and a half MILLION POUNDS of linens in the past 6 years in 23 states. We obtain a large trailer full of linens from local hospital laundry facilities on a weekly basis and redistribute these linens as they are ordered. To date we have donated linens ie; towels, blankets, under pads, wash cloths, baby blankets, etc. to almost 2000 rescue groups, shelters, and wildlife rehabilitation facilities in all states. Our NO KILL Shelter opened its door in June of 2010. We purchased 5 acres of raw land , installed all utilities, an 826-foot long driveway, built an indoor - outdoor dog kennel, purchased a two story lofted cat barn and a mobile home for our sanctuary manager Dedra Shaver to live in. We also brought in a small building to be used as our isolation barn. Recently we received a donated shipping container for storage !!! And to finish it off, we finally erected our FOUR Large play yards. So ~~~~ EVERY DAY all all day long, our dogs are continuously, rotated from their indoor outdoor kennels to the play yards where they run and jump and smooch and play with each other., We had a fantastic Grand Opening complete with celebrities, four bands, a Car show and Joe Jaynes our Collin County Commissioner who officially cut our ribbon. We also developed a unique program for juvenile offenders, so that the kids could help the animals and the animals could help the kids! We are currently developing a Serenity Walk where the kiddos walk the dogs and are encouraged to ponder their mistakes and perhaps make better choices in the future. www.linensforanimals.org