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Stop The Trans Pacific Partnership

The TPPA would impoverish millions of people in Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and even Australia, New Zealand - Aotearoa, Canada, Japan and the United States because it would increase the wholesale price of medicines by up to 10 times. This is more than enough reason to resolutely reject the TPPA. However, it also includes severe attacks on people through broad monopoly rights to corporations in Intellectual Property and Copyright. Worst of all it empowers foreign corporations to sue governments in countries where they invest if any government policy or law somehow 'harms' their investment, or they are not fully consulted about a new law or policy. This is a big reduction in democracy - all at the demand of US corporations. In return, people in the 11 other countries should not expect any significant extra access to US markets for their exports. US Trade Representative Froman really represents giant US corporations, not the American people. I am incensed that the Australia government has even entertained this kind of weird 'negotiation', and it can only be explained by a desire to please a 'great and powerful friend' - it is mainly motivated by fear. The Australian people don't live in fear, they live in freedom, and can stop this dangerous negotiation.

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