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End The Gassing Of Dogs And Cats In Ohio County Shelters.

I thought the las time we gased anyone was in wwII i was wrong, we are still a cruel member of this world and we gas cats and dogs, that cry, howl and try to claw there way out of the gas chambers whilst slowly dying immagenary cruel death, if they must die lets do as pain free as possible, vote for injection not gassing, lets stop this insanity. thank you

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Nobody Touch The Dog

Look at them!! Why would I not care!! It does not matter if you love animals, respect them or care! What I believe is: if we are going to consume animals no matter what kind then we should keep them safe, healthy and with dignity!! The animal should be killed prior to being slaughtered. Ripping the animals fur/skin of off just because some persons believe that the more the animal suffers the tastier it is, is simply not true (scientifically proven not to be true) and just plain cruel. You do not have to watch the videos. You do need to know that on going champagnes' and petitions are in place. Your signature shows that you care. Your help is needed. Please please help! Your voice counts, don't go through the day ignoring this and don't think someone else does something about this. You can make a difference. Thank you in the name of a great cause. We can not loose this fight!! Geraldine Sherk

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