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Petition The British Museum To Return The Parthenon Sculptures To Athens, Greece.

Επιστρέψτε την Καρυάτιδα!!! Δώστε τέλος στην αρπαγή και λεηλασία ιερών αρχαίων μνημείων και θησαυρών! The Caryatis, the Parthenon Sculptures and the Parthenon as a monument belongs to the World History and Human Evolution timeline. For each citizen in each location or country, the environmental interactions are part of their personality. I come from Ancient Olympia. Every cell of my body vibrates the Hellenic ancient spirit and power for being part of an evolving a better world, going, faster, higher and stronger for union. The return of the Caryatis and all the Parthenon Sculptures is not just the right thing to do for the British nation. It symbolizes the unity of the ancient spirit and power existing for each nation as well as all nations together contributing in building this world as we know it today. Such action would be the enlightening steppingstone for the new era of peace based upon nations collaboration, leaving behind the aggressive aspect of the human character towards a united and evolving human spirit for a better world. (supported by OLON non-profit organisation)

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