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Children Should Recite The Pledge Of Allegiance At The Start Of Each School Day

We are having our children indocunated into the Socialists agenda . Go see for your self the books that our kids are reading. Disgraceful re-written and re-worded history to feed them lies. This is the same method Castro pull off in Cuba. Once the first generation is indocunated, the second generation is lost. Then is no reason that our children cannot Pledge Allegiances to Our American Flag daily in school. This is the plan of our Socialist/Treasonous King Obama.........This man is out of control. His behavior as the POTUS is disgusting, and treasonous. He bows to third world dictators, embraces Castro's brother. He makes apologies to foreign governments' for the actions of America. Meanwhile we have THOUSANDS of American warriors buried all over the world, Men who fought for Freedom & Justice. We need to RESTORE are original values, and respect for our country. The first step is to have our students recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily. Our morals are in the dirt, violence is the norm. Drive by shootings, car jacking, rape, and murder. We need to give the Night Sticks back to our Police. Enough of the PC Correct BS. This is why we are in decline, Time is short, We must DEMAND that our rights are restored, our privacy in no longer the business of the federal government. The poor excuse for a POTUS has created his private Army's.......DHS, The FEMA YOUTH Rapid Response Teams, TSA, IRS,NSA, he is equipping local police departments with MILITARY vehicles, and combat uniforms, NOT to mention all the ammunition that has been purchased by the Government. When is the Battle going too be ? Right here is our home towns, and the street of our cities. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION !! King Barry cuts the military, and the veterans pensions, so he can add more free loader to the welfare system. This is nothing but SLAVERLY to a "Block of Welfare Cheese"...........He wants you and I to be dependent of the Fed's for everything. Can I say Germany 1939 !!! History Repeats Itself", the average American things the FED is an government organization, I got news for's a PRIVATE BANK, that manipulates our money...........another thing, Do you realize that HITLER WAS ELECTED.............Now we have high officials in who are either SOCIALISTS RADICALS from the 60's &70's, Holder, Kerry, etc.................or who have ties to Terrorist Organization like the Muslim Brotherhood. America, It's time to Stand & Be Counted..............Which side are you on ? We are in trying times, and the time is short...............I'll close with God Bless America, God SAVE America

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