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My name is Marie Russell-Barker, I am married with three adult children the grand mother of three children and great grandmother of three. I was born the first child to my parent there are seven of us one decease five boys and two girls. I was born in Mississippi, and raised here in Chicago, IL I am retired from the Federal Government Housing and Urban Development (HUD). I am 70 years of age as of today's date.

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Marie Russell-Barker

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Support The Anti Corruption Act: Get Money Out Of Politics

I believe in honesty and money brings corruptions of all kind. To make our government work for all our Representative must not be obligated to only their voters not the ones who can give the most. We The People not We the one percent. If one persons can give an outrages amount to one candidate we should not be gullible in our thinking that the elective will represent our interest no with money it usually follows a you owe me. This is why we must get money out elevated corruption. This is why I support Anti -Corruption.

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