Terry Pitt's supporters

  • gun_control
    Nini Baird
  • peace
    Lucia Asara
  • no_gmo
    Chris G

    Animal lover that believes NO ANIMAL should suffer. Please spay and neuter, stop the over population! PLEASE ADOPT!

  • child_abuse
    Janhavi Rughoo
  • save_the_whales
    Zach Rockwell
  • animal_adoption
    Bernell Trapp

    I can't rest peacefully until every animal can!

  • save_the_oceans
    Laurie Marshall
  • united_states
    Debbie Dahmer

    *~*With my EYES, they will be SEEN... With my VOICE, they will be HEARD...With my FAITH, they will have HOPE...With my ACTIONS, they will be FREE...*~*

  • dolphins_rock
    Toñi Gutiérrez

    I LOVE DOLPHINS AND FELLOW DOLPHIN LOVERS - that's all what you need to know about me!! www.facebook.com/lLoveDolphins

  • animal_rights
    Jessica Matthew

    I am an animal lover of all breeds of all over the world. I will pretty much join any cause to help protect the worlds wildlife. I do have other causes that mean a lot to me such as child abuse causes, certain medical causes, peace causes, helping the troops is another one that I always will support. I have volunteered with all types of animals and worked with the poor and the sick of humanity as well. I believe all animals and humans alike shouldn't have to worry about extinction, cruelty or where they are going to get their next meal or medication.

  • animal_rights
    Dianna Marton Alf

    I ♥ and fight for all animals of other species - ALF