Joanna Tierno

I owe the good health I enjoy today to antibody replacement therapy (immune globulin) which I've been receiving since the 1990s. Without plasma donors my weekly infusions would not be possible. I am so happy to have found IDF and to have been connected to many other patients like myself. The support & information shared has been invaluable to me. My hope is one day all PI patients will have an early diagnosis, access to proper medical care & get the support and understanding they need to thrive.


Glad residents are coming forward to try to help chickens..

Lawsuit against slaughter of chickens for Hasidic Jewish ritual in New York City

ABC7 New York
BROOKLYN (WABC) -- There are claims of animal abuse in Brooklyn and now a group of residents is trying to stop the systematic and bloody slaughter of chickens right in the streets. But they're facing an obstacle: this is an annual religious ritual practiced by Hasidic Jews. The annual ritual is known as "Kaporos" is when many ultra-orthodox…Read More
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