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Make Race Baiting A Crime Rather Than A Career Or Religion

If I don't like someone, its because of who they are, their morals (or lack there of), the way they treat others, etc. It has nothing to do with skin color, and I'm tired of people saying I'm racist because I dislike our President. When these career race baiters come into a city, and cause uprisings, rioting and looting, it effects everyone. We need cool heads in the face of possible racial related murders, someone that will lead a prayer that deals with the pain of the family, and prayers for the deceased to be allowed to enter Heaven. We need strong leaders that will convince people that they are only hurting themselves and their neighborhoods when protests get out of hand and turn to looting, burning and destroying homes and businesses. When an innocent person is killed by police, there needs to be an independent investigation into it, not one by the peers of the officer that did the shooting.

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