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Pass Casey's Law In New York State

I'm a petrified parent who is taking a stand and bringing education and awareness to the multifaceted issues that surround the labyrinth of this horrible disease. My son is currently inactive fireman who became a new fallen hero to this disease of opiate addiction and has been seeking help for over two years. The pain pulls turned into heroin IV use . There is a heroin addiction crisis right now in NYS that is taking our country by storm. In reaching out for help many times when he needed help I couldn't advocate for him or get him in and we are still fighting through the crux of his addiction. There are so many things that they are unable to do while fighting this disease and this is where Casey's law would save lives and help benefit our loved ones suffering. Its a law that would enable loved ones to get the help they desperately need through a court petition when they are unable to make decisions for themselves . As a mother and a crisis intervention advocate for over 15 years I still struggled to get to the right answers and information needed to manage this illness that my son needed help with. If I couldn't find the answers with all the linkages and community networking how were other parents and addicts going to get help? I started a support group called Endure and have a FB cause page. Ive written to Senator Michael Nozzolio who is the Vice Co-Chairman of the Heroin opiate Task Force. It made me feel like I was accomplishing something when I received a letter back from him and I strongly appreciate what he is doing and support him. I am desperately asking for many of my friends and family and people I don't even know to sign this petition and get this law brought to the House for passing. I believe in our Senators and that they will help us get Casey's Law passed in NYS. Im speaking out now while my son is still alive and saying thank you Charlotte Wethington for making this law. We need Casey's Law in every state!!! Lets do it together!!!!!!!!!!

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