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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

As a veterans advocate and a 100% combat wounded vietnam veteran I've been watching the erosion of our earned benefits, from the lack of a just COLA to state judges deciding that a veterans disability compensation can be considered income and awarded as alimony to exwives, which is totally against Federal Law. With this particular time in our history it's a sad note that we've corportized war and forgotten our veteran. As the all volunteer force has become the norm we have fewer and fewer veterans consequently a much small voting block. Only 1/2 of 1% of our population serve in the military anymore and their vote no longer has the power it once did. At the same time, the supreme court passed laws that gave corporate America and special interests the ability to "donate" to campagns without regard to amount or public disclosure. Anyone in their right mind can see where this is heading and cutting veterans benefits as they're no longer significant to their re-election is one of them.

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