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Demand To End Ivory Sales And Educate Chinese Consumers.

Okay most of you know that I live in Tanzania and that I have a big concern about how rapidly elephants are disappearing in not only my beautiful country but in the whole world... without elephants our whole ecosystem will die... not to mention that in very nearby future you will have to tell your children, grandchildren that once upon a time there was an amazing animal we used to call Elephant... but unfortunately I can only show you a picture.... how is that? I have met many Chinese visitors in Tanzania and most of them where absolutely ignorant and not aware that an Elephant actually is killed to obtain their tusks for ivory.... Some of them even thought that you can cut the tusks of, just like humans are cutting their nails.... and that it will grow back. This is absolutely not a joke I am telling you... it is for real. Please sign this petition.. it will only take you 5 minutes of your life but will have a enormous impact. Thanks so much. Even better share this on your own Facebook page and recruit as many friends as you can. Kind regards from Arusha/Tanzania.

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