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Petition To End Breed Specific Legislation ( Pitbull Bans) All Over The World

I have always said that the Pitties got a bad rap. They are loving, loyal,and steadfast member of a family. I remember the dog in "Peter Pan". They called Nanna and she was a hairy pit. I speak first hand. With all of my illness and hospital stays, TIKI has slept next to me or on my feet. He growl at Baily (2 1/2 yr Border Terrier) when she goes into her play mode and stirs things up when it is quiet time. He knows what each of us need at the time. What a blessing having a pit in the house. They are the end product of the way you love and teach them. I get sick when a town, county, state, or a country ban a certain breed and don't really know all there is to know about the animal.

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