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Gain Sovereignty Of All Indigenous People

I have been to the Lakota Nation in South Dakota..they can't work because of the racism, no one will hire them. The people we met were very kind, worked very hard making and selling beautiful jewelry and other Native American items to survive. The Wounded Knee Museum in Wall, S.D. is a living memorial to the cruelty heaped upon these wonderful people. I purchased copies of the treaties signed in Washington, D.C. with Indian Chiefs which were later broken. These people along with all tribes were killed by disease and fire arms, those that were left were put on reservations, their culture stolen from them. Their children were stolen and put in white schools where they were given American names and could no longer speak their own language, never to see their families again. I am very passionate about this subject. Please join me in signing this petition. Thank you. Very truly, Nancy Wilson Ball

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