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Label Gm Os!

Since I came to this country I trusted that the food I was eating was ok for my health, I have been a vegetarian for 32 years and trusted that what I was eating was real grains wheat, real beans and true vegetables. Some how or other I now find out that the genetically modified tomatoes have actually salmon ( fish) genes etc. etc. The genetically modified corn, wheat and soy have no nutritional value and can cause allergies, we are eating food that is not food, it is plastic. I we let this continue we will be eating petroleum derivatives, textured and artificially flavored or something like the food that was depicted in the movie soilent green. I gained weight because I was eating and eating and not getting any nutrition until I became sick and I am now pre-diabetic. I changed my diet and by being very strict have reduced weight and improved my health. However all I see around me are people deformed by growth hormones and terribly sick by eating the food that is currently being produced in the USA by big factory farms. Let alone the environmental consequences.

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