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Expose All Animal Abusers Support Registries For Animal Abusers

Because no animal should be abused, none I have rescued a few and made their lives so much better My latest one, a male poodle, about 2.5 years, was chained to a tree 24-7, barely weighing in at 5 lbs, most was hair, he is my first foster. Very aggressive, dealing with him. Hubby and I were bitten so much, but was not going to give up. He's still a bit aggressive, but a sweet loving boy too We decided to adopt him, afraid someone would not keep him, or worse yet, hurt him I love him to the moon and back a million times. Every animal deserves a 2nd chance at a fur ever home, with love and care To hurt, beat, toss out like garbage, is not acceptable, and these poor animals don't deserve that. Please don't let people have animals that they have a history of abuse. All animals deserve a wonderful life Remember: WE ARE THEIR VOICES

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