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Help Chris Kyle Obtain The Medal Of Honor.

All the brave young men and women who have worn and wear today the uniform of our country matter to me, it's much more than simply mattering. I don't believe we will ever repay them for what they have done for us and we are certainly not doing it right now. Chris Kyle was an exceptional man in the job he performed and that he put his life on the line many times for others and actually put his marriage on the line because he believed he still had a job to do in saving the lives of those of his brothers and sisters who sacrificed daily for you and me. Even after coming home and saving his family, he still was out there trying to make a difference for the many men and women who unselfishly gave of themselves to preserve and protect this nation we call home and had come home with scars that wouldn't heal. I was in Iraq for five years from 2003 to 2008 supporting the US military in my position in logistics to provide all life support for them. Most rewarding and fulfilling job I've ever had. I was there with them daily and saw what they went through and what they gave.....many too many gave all and as I stood at their memorials seeing their framed photographs, their helmets and their weapon standing in their boot as a senior officer of their unit called their name three times in the unit roll call with no answer, tears rolled down my cheeks in grief for the loss of a young man who had his life taken much too soon but who was willing to give his young life for you and me. These are the men and women that Chris Kyle protected and those he felt the call to be there as long as they were. I was 60 years old and a woman when I went over in 2003 and I remember a young soldier putting his hand on my arm and asking very sincerely "Ma'am what are you doing here?". My answer to him was "I am here because you are here and when all of you can go home, I will too!" I had to come home a little sooner than I wanted to because my brother had a stroke and needed me but my heart was always and will always be with those who are in foreign lands defending us and, especially the Middle East. I know the Medal of Honor is for sacrifice way beyond the call of duty but I sincerely believe Chris Kyle made that sacrifice and answered that call more than once.

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