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    Hi, " I'm 3rd eldest of 10 syblings. I work part time, &have had mental health issues, from the age of around 7 & a 1/2 yrs. A large ish, extended family, many from mums side 'have faught for Quee/ King,n country'. I missed out of being army reservist, in the '90s. Due too :- 'in-fighting, between high ish ranking officers'! '& was injured, durong basic training, (92/94), But those reasponsible, did end-up'. De moted, 'and some lost rank nd were de-moted'. 'Part of the internal investigation and prosecution agreement'! Ment, 'that i with drew, my servecies', within reservists ranks!' Though, 'some were also 'court marsheld with loss of full pension. I never reseived any compensation. It was like it 'never happend!' (Previousely to this i was a naval reservist 'harbour watch-men', whilst being a 'reservation engineer, at a (retired) naval museum, on south coast of hampshire England, Uk / GB. I do now 'door 2 door' - selling of cosmetics, 'too both sexsess'. & when i can I do 'glass illustrations, 'n Glass Painting (glaze staining) 'Glass Techneque Designs co., est 1988 (GTD co copy right protected. I, am 'a carer to one of my younger brothers. & we are hoping by the time i reach, 60! 'That we, are both living back in the Portsmouth catchment area of Hampshire. England Uk / GB'. :-))

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