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Demand The Usda's Puppy Mill Inspectors Do Their Jobs!

Dear Dr. Gipson, I am an avid puppy mill advocate and feel deeply for these dogs. I owned a puppy mill dog that died just short of 7 years old. She was born in a Mo. mill with well over 100 dogs in the kennel. The woman had violations at every inspection going back 3 years. What stood out was the fact that she had the same violations year after year and they were never corrected. She ran a dirty kennel, with mud where dogs were supposed to be lying, matted hair, etc. The entire experience was very upsetting. Although it is very difficult for me to accept this whole puppy mill thing at least these dogs should be treated with respect and dignity. The USDA needs to enforce the Animal Welfare Act and keep these dogs as comfortable as they could possibly be when they are caged for life. Best, Kristi Schrittwieser

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