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Send A Card To Survivors & Victims Of #Charleston Massacre

As a human, when tragedies at the hands of terrorism strike and strike hard, it can be felt around the world, no matter where it is. These lives could have been any one that we know, and represent a family of unarmed, relaxed American citizens in a place excercising their freedom of worship in a land with a slogan of "Land of the Free". Those targeting them knew these people would be open and welcoming, unarmed and receiving and someone took advantage of that in a place where the perpetrator's ideologies are supported by a flag that must represent a majority (since the flag still waves) of which he may have seen himself a martyr for in some sense. Regardless of skin color, we are one race, feeling eachOTHER's joys and sorrows. This connection means that no matter how heroic we think we are with the concepts of divide and conquer, The human RACE can not survive to the finish line. We are all in this together, or history only repeats itself. There are many people in the world with peaceful solutions to global issues that are sustainable and WORKING which slowly etch big corporations out of the economy and quick! Certain power players are upset and would wish to disturb the peace in order to feed their own agendas and profit off of war. Meanwhile, what happens in the home also fosters in the streets. We have to take responsibility for self and how it affects those around us. Love is the only way to conquer all.

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