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Help Chris Kyle Obtain The Medal Of Honor.

I am in the military and privileged to be a part of the greatest military in the world, because of men like Chris Kyle and others like him. I believe Chris Kyle deserves the Metal of Honor because of his dedication to God, Country, and His Family. Primarily because he did it in this order. I believe in that order because of the responsibility he took on as one of the best of the best. There was a lot that was expected of him and he met and exceeded those expectations, and I know he did it so he could spend the rest of his life knowing that he left it all on the field for God, Country and his family ultimately and could then focus on them completely. He sacrificed time with them to spend the rest of his lifetime with them. However, God had other plans . I truly believe he is in God's military forces now. Chris Kyle had his priorities straight and was able to be the best at what he did because he believed in what he was doing and how he was doing it. No time was wasted on worrying or judging others. He had a bigger fish to fry and he did. God bless You and All who are truly in harms way for our country.

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