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Tell Musicians: Don't Entertain Apartheid Israel!

It is time that the world and especially cultural leaders exposed the crimes of Israel against Palestinians both in Occupied Palestine and inside Israel. In the West Bank and Gaza, Israel practices an extreme version of Apartheid. It denies Palestinians, including minors, all their rights, arrests them and hold them without charge or trial under Administrative Detention, kills them without prosecution of the murderers, tries them after torturing them to confess using Military Law while protecting illegal settlers under Israel Civil Law, destroys their homes and buildings with impunity, steals their water for the use of illegal settlers including swimming pools forcing Palestinians to buy expensive water from an Israeli company, steals their land using a variety of ruses such as declaring the area a closed military zone, claiming that it is needed for settlers. In Gaza, Israel repeatedly attacks and kills thousands of Gazas, destroys tens of thousands of houses, bombs hospitals, schools and mosques, with the connivance of Egypt keeps Gaza under blockade (now for 8 successive years), kills farmers and fishermen trying to do their jobs, steals is water, bombs and destroys its infrastructure. It has made Gaza a prison for 1.8 million Palestinians. It is up to us to insist on justice for Palestinians and an end to the Occupation. Equal right for Palestinians in the land of Israel/Palestine is our goal.

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