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Tell The Usda To Stop Dow Chemical’s "Agent Orange" Crops

Frankenstein is my fav metaphor story for Biotech and Big Ag making big profit from marketable products with no regard for the risks and taking no responsibility for the damage already revealing itself. At least Dr. Frankenstein felt regret. But Monsanto, Dow and other Biotech Giants feel no such pain as they anticipate the future implications of their greed and evil ways and invest vast resources in Lobbyists to get laws passed to prevent future lawsuits and limit their liability for the damage they do. Life on Earth gets GMO crops today, and famine, disease and loss of species tomorrow... These indiscriminate killer-poisons permanently alter the ecosystem, cross-pollinate and invade peaceful Organic farms and pollute all the Waters of Life right in front of our eyes. The ones who see and speak are shot-down, demonized and prosecuted by the newly installed Biotech Protection Laws. Farmers are sued for 'stealing' patented material rather than being sued for invasive pollution. Poison the insects and plants and we poison ourselves as well. There are too few regulations on these big-industry and their toxic consumer products, insufficient independent environmental impact studies, no long-range whole-system considerations. We the People are too complacent in taking huge long-range risks for short-term gain. Science is already telling us that certain agricultural chemicals are main factors in the loss of bees and will lead to unfathomable ecosystem destruction. Big Ag poisons milkweed because it cuts into their profits, but milkweed is not a weed at all to the Monarch Butterfly for whom it is the primary food source. Biotech has no conscious and will not willing take responsibility as the Earth's bees and butterflies are dying off toward extinction. Pollution at this level is changing life as we know it. We will be known by Future Generations as Protectors of Life if we take action now and require Biotech Industry to fund safety and long-range impact studies with independent scientific oversight. I want a happy ending.

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