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Legalize Medical Marijuana

The war on drugs is a war on our freedom. It has been used to violate the rights of every one of us! The WAR on drugs is far worse than the effects of any drug is or could possibly be. For instance, marijuana has NEVER been shown to kill anyone, EVER in the entire history of the world. Yet the WAR against it has killed thousands! It has ruined the lives of MILLIONS, NOT because of the use of the drug, but by throwing millions of harmless people in prison, thus ruining their chances for ever having a good job, ruining their families too. If you look at the history of the drug war, you will find out that it was ONLY started in order to control groups that those in power did not like. The chinese, the blacks, the hispanics. Control over these groups and MONEY. Marijuana was made illegal in order to protect the profits of Dupont (it competed too well with their chemical fabrics like Nylon) and Hearst (it competed too well with their paper). Now, it is kept illegal to protect the interests of the drug WARRIORS. To continue to enrich the prison system and the police. Do we REALLY want to keep growing the prisons and police? Do we REALLY want to keep on growing our police state? If you look at the TRUTH of the drug war, you will find out that many people, MOST people in fact, can function perfectly fine even when they choose to use drugs. NO, not all drugs are going to lead to addiction and even when addicted, MOST people can continue to function. That is, IF they are ALLOWED to. It is only the LAWS against the drugs that cause the real issues. Yes, some (few) people will have actual problems caused by the drugs themselves. But is it really worth causing the huge amounts of damages to everyone else here and around the world to protect those (very) few? If you really think about it, I know you'll come to the same conclusion I did. NO, it's NOT worth continuing the drug war, the ONLY possible solution is to LEGALIZE it!

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