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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

When I was a child ,we were taught about conservation and how our children would miss out and how there is a chain reaction to poaching ,kil one and the rest down the line will suffer ,I felt and feel strongly about how the animals are treated ,I don't like animals in paths with fences keeping them in however that is the only way they will stay alive ,now tht fences mean nothing the poachers are cutting fences and butchering the wild life ,did you know if a rhino horn is humainely taken off by the conservasts they won't mate so the speasees looses anyway ,ban the ownership of the product,take away the nasesaty and the poaching will stop ,for god sake the animals are a legacy ,it is heart breaking to see two rinhoes brutally / savagely slaughtered for a horn any the calf is murderd seamlessly ,it's face cut off with a chainsaw ,please ,sight thg petition ,help the beautiful animals of our world ,they have done nothing to deserve what they are getting ,five people can do so much unite to stop the seamless murders ,I am sending my signature to the supposed man who is supposed to have the country and it's residents well being at the forefront of his job ,but he is spending 17 million on his house ,Please help the few people who are standing up for he wild life and step up ,when they are extinct they can not come back ,thank you for your time and patients in reading my words ,my spelling is bad ,sentences iregular ,but my heart is in the right place in the place of the beautiful creatures of this diying planet ,when will we say enough is enough , Thank you very much

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