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Lloyds Of London: Deny Hugo Liebel's Policy Covering Nosey!

Nosey is a 32 year old african elephant who was ripped from the wild as baby & flown to America, where she was sold to the Liebel family circus. Nosey has been used, abused, exploited & neglected her whole life in the name of entertainment. She is forced to perform circus tricks & give rides. Her owner, Hugo Liebel has violated the Animal Welfare Act over 200 times, including denying Nosey the vet care that she needs. Recently, Veterinarian and exotic-animal specialist Dr. Philip Ensley described Nosey's situation/condition as “the worst, most prolonged, documented example of an uncorrected case of suffering and abuse in an elephant I have ever reviewed.” He also said, Nosey undoubtedly suffers from advanced arthritis and degenerative joint disease, resulting in ongoing pain, and most likely permanently impaired limb function.” But despite all the fact that Nosey is obviously suffering & in constant pain the USDA & the FWC continue to renew Liebels license. So our Action For Nosey Now team have created this petition with the goal of getting Rodney Smith, Regional Director, Lloyd's of London to deny renewal of Nosey's insurance policy. If Nosey is not insured, the USDA will not issue a license and FWC will not issue a permit. ***So please sign & share this petition far & wide ~ Help us get Nosey rescued from her life of misery in the travelling circus and taken to an accredited elephant sanctuary, where she'll receive the specialist care & vet treatment she needs & the love she truly deserves!***

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