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I want to break the cycle of abuse so my children don't fall victim to the affects that follow Domestic violence. This matters to me because I am a survivor of Domestic Abuse. I struggle EVERYDAY of my life because of emotional and mental abuse. It has stole many years of who I am who I believe I am and how people treat me. There came a point that I felt bitter and so angry utterly hopeless and depressed, It consumed my whole life affected me in every way. I felt abandoned, judged, shameful,betrayed not worthy. Many people said I must have liked it and many people said I have no clue what I'm talking about. What made things worse for me was the fact I knew what I was talking about, I clearly understood how I was feeling but trying to tell my story discredited myself in the eyes of others, But i didn't see or even realize it was happening until I was caught up in the cycle. I never felt so alone, so hopeless, and scared. It destroyed me. I know that many of you are affected by my situation and I also know some silent sufferers to afraid to get help. It's the worst experience in my life and I will do whatever it takes to try to end Abuse so that no other person will suffer the way I did. Please help me help others break the cycle and sign this pledge to end Domestic Violence so no ones child has to suffer the fear and deal with this alone. It only takes one person to believe in another and so on Help me be the change I would like to see.

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