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Condemn The Illegal Trade Of Five Talban For A Deserter

I severed my country Honorably in Vietnam and I have the document of proof, as do many other honorable men and women who have served their country honorably in past Wars. Being a Veteran of War and hearing the statements of the men who served with Bowe Bergdahl I have no doubt that he is a traitor, a deserter and a collaborate. I do have a problem with any American citizen who does not or cannot see fault in certain situations or for what is wrong or criminal, especially for a suspected traitor and a deserter from his own fellow soldiers, his country and his countrymen. If I or anyone else would have committed such an act in past wars we would have been given a court martial and if found guilty we would have been shot or hanged! Why doesn’t anyone want do the right thing to bring Mr. Bergdahl to proper justice for his suspected crime and allow the Army to do their job? He enlisted and signed a contract to be subject to the rules and regulations of the Army, is he also a coward for not wanting to face his accusers, especially if he believes himself innocent? I have recently come to realize that there are more bleeding heart far left liberal communist in this country than we American Patriots need, and it makes me sick to my stomach. Some things are sacred and justified and should not be changed or altered. I am asking any good, moral, decent American Patriot to stand with me against this treasonous act of Mr. Bergdahl. Let Army justice take its course and let the voices of the gallant and brave men who witnessed his actions be heard. Let us not forget that lives were lost trying to rescue Mr. Bergdahl without knowing at the time that he had deserted and was asking to meet with the enemy!! God bless!

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