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Stop Dog And Cat Meat Smugglers From Thailand Vietnam

PLEASE support causes that are trying to end the dog/cat meat trade & the dog smuggling from Thailand to Vietnam. Peoples pets are stolen, skinned and boiled alive because it's believed by these people to make the meat tender. Puppy's are boiled alive for soup & elixir. Dogs are found in markets wearing collars, once a family pet stolen to be sold for meat. Imagine if that happened to you, your dog! Please support the ending of this horrific trade. The torture, beating to death, electrocution, hanging, skinning and boiling alive or our loyal best friends is barbarism. Sickening in this day & age people are not educated enough to know how loyal dogs are, how dogs and cats are pets & not food. Without Your help this will never end. I have nightmares over this & refuse to ignore it though I can't & don't watch any horrific video's, and I won't ask you to either. I saw one, and many pictures and stories and that was enough for me to want to do something. You can do something too, however small, be it signing a petition or Supporting those fighting for these animals. No action is EVER too little. Please help in any way you possibly can. Thank you so very much. Together people can make a difference, as long as we care enough to do so. <3

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