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Oppose The Dark Act Denying Your Right To Know

The DARK Act takes away our basic human right to know what we are eating. GMO food has not been proved safe. In fact, European animal studies show it to cause deformities, gastrointestinal issues, tumors, organ failure and sterility. No independent lab testing has been done in the USA. The FDA accepted the word of big biotech companies that GMO food is safe because it is food. People suffering from food allergy must know what they are eating or risk death. With GMO food you have no idea what has been done to the food - no idea what genetic material has been spliced into it to change it from the away nature made it. GMO is very, very different from the hybridization we have known for centuries. In nature you cannot breed a dog with a cat. That is what GMO does. We have a right to know what we are eating. We have a right to choose to eat, or not to eat, GMO food. The only way we have to make this choice is to have GMO food labelled. To do less takes away our basic human right. Say YES to GMO food labeling. NO to the DARK Act that will take away this right.

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