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Stop Police And Animal Control Killing Our Pets.

A police officer came into our fenced in back yard, with his patrol dog. They were looking for someone that had done a crime and he was jumping fences to get away from the police. We have 3 dogs. A Chihuahua, a Chihuahua mixed mini pincher, & a pit bull. The dogs were all inside and were barking like crazy. My 81 year old Husband went outside to see what was going on. The dogs were trying to follow, but he was pushing them back. Our Pit Bull ended up pushing past him and ran outside. He did not attack the police officer or the dog. He was barking at them. The Officer back himself and his dog in the corner of our fence and the shed to try and protect them if need be. My husband was trying to get Capone (our pit bull) to get him back in the house. As he was doing this the police officer was threatening to shoot my Husband and the dog if he didn't get him under control. Capone was going in circles , so my husband had to jump on top of him to get him by his collar to bring him back in the house. As he was struggling to do so Capone broke free again. He was just barking, not attacking them. He was doing what he thought was protecting his family. The police officer could see that this was not deliberate on our part o have our dog go after them. he saw my Husband doing everything possible to get the situation under control. The officer continued threatening to shoot them both and even come back to our house if anything were to happen to his dog. The officer never rang the bell or knocked at our door to ask or let us know he was entering our property. I was inside the house as this was happening. By the time I got out there my Husband whom had Heart surgery recently was sitting in the chair trying to catch his breath. I was enraged. We are an interracial couple and live in a black neighborhood. I am white and have seen the injustice that goes on daily. The officer left our yard and continued to go to other houses but was now going to the doors first to let the people know what he was doing. I went outside and waited for him to come back to his vehicle to confront him. As he came back down the street, I said excuse me sir but I need to have a word with you. He asked me to wait while he secured his dog in the police car. When he came back to speak to me i know he was surprised to see a younger white woman. I told him what he did was Reprehensible and unacceptable. He was apologizing for what he did, saying it was unprofessional. He gave us his name in case we wanted to report him. Turns out he was a Sargent, & he knew there would be no repercussions for what he did. I told him that i wasn't going to report him that all I wanted was for him to Apologize for what he did. I think that was more Humiliating than telling on him. As he was apologizing he was still trying to defend what he did. I know he didn't give a Damn about what he did. I believe he will do it again to someone, but I can't change that. All I wanted was RESPECT. The same respect we give to others, is the same as we deserve. I am just Happy that we didn't have a tragic ending to our story, but it left an indelible impression that will last a lifetime.

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