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Show Compassion And Empathy For Animals

Animals are an integral part of our world, be it as vital ecosystem links, creatures of divine inspiration and comfort, or even as jolly companions that help us make sense of our lives and hearts when the human social scene fails us miserably. So in short, they make our lives not only possible but better! They may also serve as food, clothing, and insightful tools for the medical/scientific community ( }:< ) so perhaps we coulddisplayour gratitude and love for all tje fauna of the earth by collectively putting our feet down as far circus animals goes. Dignity is something animals are born and die with... so why would we kid ourselves that lame tricks and costumes are the bee's knees? Clowns freak out most adults and Dumbo traumatized you, me, and your Uncle Rick... so enough already with the circus of sorrows, and bring on the trapeze artists and... ok, the clowns too!

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