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I see babies being killed by a mothers boyfriend or a dad's girlfriend or even at the hands of a parent. The only justice being served is a slap on the wrist. A judge actually sentenced one guy to 40 days in jail for the torture and murder of his girlfriends baby because the judge did not want him to become a repeat offender. Several of my facebook friends have lost their children to the hands of their ex-wife or ex-husbands significant others. The friends were barred from seeing their children, they fought to see their children thorugh the court systems only to be brought to the hospital to see their child laying in a bed hooked up to a lot of wires and machines and then to be told that they now have custody of their child but to only end up having to take them off life support. Its just not fair that these parents have to fight to see their children only to be told that their fight was pointless because the system did not do their jobs. These babies are innocent victims and someone needs to help break the silence, whether its a neighbor or someone on the streets who sees this. DHR, CPS or whatever they may be called needs to also be held accountable for what happens to these babies especially when they are involved but do nothing about the situation that these children are in. I could go into detail about how some children are killed by those who are supposed to love and protect them but you know I will save you all the details. If you know of a child who has been killed by a parent or a parents significant other or even someone who was supposed to be taking care of them then you know all too well the pain that the other parent and the ones who loved them are going through but even if you don't know someone who has been personally affected by this kind of tragedy, even if you have a heart you know the pain that this causes. So please lets put a stop to domestic violence and child abuse before another family is left to pick up the pieces.

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