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Show Compassion And Empathy For Animals

I am a raw vegan and I don't eat in the manner I do just because for health reasons. I deeply care and am concerned about animals all over the world, i.e. dogs, cats, seals, polar bears, all bears, dolphins, whales, lions, zebras, etc., etc., and etc. You get the gist. I saw yesterday on Facebook three different posts of 3 different women posing with their hunting trophy; one was a zebra, one a lion, and one a mountain goat. Their accessories included a big hunting gun, a huge smile, and of course the dead animal being photographed as a trophy pic to put on Facebook. One of the women's names was Kendall Jones, look her up. Her viewpoint on hunting as a woman will open your eyes for sure. We cannot stop doing what we do until people are aware of the suffering of these animals and some are even on the endangered species list. Compassion is the answer - all we have to do is get that these people's heads.

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