Kate Weber

I am a Female Veteran of the U.S. Army. I was raped at 18 my first week deployed in a foreign country. When I told, I was called a liar and told that the rapist had a pregnant wife and didn't even like white women. What the HELL is wrong with these people! I was an 18 year old KID! I was willing to be examined so that there was proof. The rape was violent and changed the course of my life forever. Part of me died that day and the weeks following. I wanted to commit suicide. The Army kept me for 9 more months and then they decided I was a "weight control failure" by altering my measurements to get "rid" of me. I have spent the past sixteen years disabled by PTSD, and I have been clean and sober for three years now. I have found a new way of life, and I don't believe all the prescriptions I was taking were making me better. I have learned some more therapeutic ways of coping and want to share that with my veteran brothers and sisters who are suffering. We DO RECOVER! It just takes love and guidance of another. That is what we do at MST Recovery Network.