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Tell The Usda To Shut Down Law Breaking Puppy Mills!

Dear humans , I am praying that the USDA will please close down all puppy mills and help put an end to the needless suffering of ALL animals involved. I pray that they will do what is RIGHT. I pray that everyone and anyone with a conscience will spend just a minute to speak for those who cannot defend themselves. I pray that anyone who knows of such places will find their conscience , their heart and their voice and defend the defenseless .Please sign this petition to shut down law breaking puppy mills. Help stop the inhumane and cruel way that these innocent animals are being treated. Filthy cages, unhealthy conditions need to stop. We bought two Aussies from Debby's petland , one in Kingston and the other Taunton .' During the first puppy check it was found Kenai had giardia(intestinal parasite) and Coda came to us with mange. They paid to get them healthy ! I wish I had know the truth about where these sweet pups come From. Never will I make that mistake again. Hope you won't either. There are so many great people fostering dogs I would next time adopt. So please sigh this petition ,they need our help. Your helpi. Thank you

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