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Get Equal Rights For Disabled Workers

If Obama can raise minimum wage which was 4 something when I was a kid, he can raise our disability incomes also. If a person becomes disabled after working 20 + years of there life, they loose an easy 3-4 years battling the court systems to get approved that you are 100% disabled. By this time you've lost a better portion of what they say you've earned if you became disabled now off of your yearly statement because you haven't worked in all that time. So now your approved, you get this big check which you have to pay everything and everyone back that you borrowed money from just to stay afloat. So next your waiting for your once a month check and when you get it your greatful, but it's still not enough to cover monthly expenses and eat. Your denied food card but they happily take a bunch of money out for your new insurance. All we ask as people who can't stand up and fight for ourselves is don't forget about us. We are not lazy and sitting at home enjoying our time off. I'd give anything to get back to work but when you 1 in a million outta 50 billion who gets a very painful and non curable disorder like mine, you are at home in pain 24/7, barely scratching by. I know there are 100 ' s of thousands just like me so please sign this petition so Obama will take a look at it

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