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    Atilla Demir

    I love all animals created by God

  • animal_abuse
    Lynn Carin

    ANIMAL LOVER here! THANK YOU, Friends for your support here on Causes and those clicking on www.reiner-says-green.info - positive BLESSINGS to all of you!

  • united_states
    Debbie Dahmer

    *~*With my EYES, they will be SEEN... With my VOICE, they will be HEARD...With my FAITH, they will have HOPE...With my ACTIONS, they will be FREE...*~*

  • humans_are_not_a_commodity
    Unidentified Activist

    WAGE RATIO: Top earners in a company should not be allowed to earn more than a gov't-determined multiple of the lowest salary in the company. Sign the petition.

  • animal_adoption
    Michael Foster
  • animal_adoption
    Carrie Ann Khaddour

    An Animal Lover.A Voice for the Voiceless,I LoveGOD/TRUTH.I Believe in Standing up for What is Right and against Injustice on any level Defending theDefenseless

  • Paul Johnson
  • save_the_whales
    Dee Turner