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Nationally Bar/Ban Parental Alienation

Corruption with 730 evaluators, Court Masters and conflicts of interests not disclosed Family torn apart by this corruption and proof that verdicts can be bought in “private court” Keep it out of public court was the plea to his wife Donna McCracken or I will make sure you lose Emilee and everything and HE HAS. A man worth $35 Million in Orange County can make ending his marriages just as he sees them for a price, Robert B Dobson has ensured his marriage has ended out of public eye and with exactly what he wants. Not what’s fair, equitable or in the best interest of the children or both parties but best for him. 730 Evaluators with predetermined ideals based in what Robert Dobson has told them, Court Masters bought and prejudiced the same. Not a consideration for what the child wants, what can be proven, what is fair or equitable. Non-disclosure of conflicts of interest between the “judge” and opposing council, failure to file the pleading so it can be transferred to public court. Accusations of “Alienation” of a child and then given permission to alienate Emilee for 5 months from Donna, her mother and Michael, Emilee's brother This family needs a voice bigger than theirs to let this be known for what it is , corruption that continues to destroy families , Verdicts for Sale. Contact: Donna McCracken 7142498888 Email: [email protected]

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